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posted 7th Mar 2023, 4:54 PM

Page 669
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7th Mar 2023, 4:54 PM


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Izzy: Have you ever...tried talking to any of them about your problems??

Louie: Nope.

Izzy: (getting in his face) Why not???

Louie: (frustrated) Look, I... I know I got a lot of problems, okay? Some real fucked up shit. And so do they! I don't want to bring my friends down with me by talking about all *that* with them. I know it would probably help with talking to Chip, but, fuck, I'm a big enough pain in the ass for them as it is.

(He looks away, gripping his upper arm uncomfortably. Izzy looks at him for a moment, almost with pity.)

Izzy: ...well... hey, its just a thought, but... I'm not your friend.

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