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posted 16th Feb 2023, 1:20 PM

Page 667
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16th Feb 2023, 1:20 PM


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Copycat: (placing his hand on the hand Boots has on his shoulder; Duke is reassuringly patting his other shoulder.) Thank you.

(Meanwhile, Louie keeps running into people. Slon is happy to see him, while Mira only emanates negative feelings towards him. Elsewhere, he is nearly knocked over by Hide and Jackie, who are sliding across the wood floor; Hide is sliding on his socks while Jackie is on a pillow. He then crosses paths with Noah, Bogdan, and Ivet. Noah is looking at him sternly, while Bogdan and Ivet happily wave. Louie finally finds himself sitting at the bottom of the basement stairs.)

Louie: (thinking) It was probably stupid to come here..

Izzy: (approaching from behind) yo

Louie: (is jumpscared) AH

Izzy: Chip invited you, huh?

Louie: Y-yea. I'll, uh, I was just leaving-

end of message