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posted 6th Feb 2023, 2:32 PM

Page 666
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6th Feb 2023, 2:32 PM


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Duke: What did you even see in somebody you had no choice but to spend a month with?

Copycat: (looking off into the distance) I very easily could have been avoided that whole time, but... (he turns back slightly, but still looking off) we talked.

Copycat: (as he talks, he is surrounded by a small flashback montage of his time in Limbo with Swormen.) I at least, I don't know, thought I had gotten to know him, somehow. Even though initially he wanted to be left alone, he not only listened to me, he treated me with respect. It isn't from nothing that I'm shocked he left so quickly, alright? I know solitude isn't what he wants anymore, but... he still left.

(The flashbacks consist, from left to right: Copycat in human form, leaning back against Swormen's head, resting on one of his chest segments. Copycat is speaking gibberish speech bubbles, while Swormen laughs. Next, we see Copycat in Shadow form, curled up to sleep but peeking one eye open as musical notes pass by; Swormen is singing while they think Copycat is asleep. Copycat closes his eyes, content. Lastly, we see Swormen, possibly from Copycat's perspective. They are gently holding three souls, looking very sad, and whispering something to them that we can't hear.)

Copycat: And he deserves to have more souls stick by him, even if he chose not to stick by me. I'm just... worried.

Boots: (placing a hand on Copycat's shoulder) ...regardless, whatever happens... *We're* sticking by you. (he smiles reassuringly) And we've still got some time, too. We're lucky to have people to watch the kids, and it doesn't seem like Celi knows you're back yet. Its gonna be okay, Boss.

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21st Feb 2023, 6:10 PM


page 666 omg!

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