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posted 13th Jan 2023, 6:37 PM

Page 663
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13th Jan 2023, 6:37 PM


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Izzy: How's, uh. How's that. Whats that like.

Slon: (happily) Oh it’s great! I’m there, he’s there! We’re both there, together! (he blushes as he pokes his two index fingers together)

Izzy: cool, cool. So does he like... DO anything? At all?

No, I can’t beat around the bush, how the hell do you like being around Louie.

Slon: wellll he acts really grumpy and also pretty mean, and he tries super hard to act tough, and said he wants everyone to hate him, but actually- (he suddenly realizes something mid-sentence, as Mira and Izzy stare blankly at him) oh, uhm… I- (very small voice, looking both embarrassed and horrified)I can’t tell you that

(Mira reacts with confusion, while Izzy reacts with delight. She leans over to Mira and sneakily whispers "tsundere" to her. Mira spits out her drink.)

Mira(off screen) *cough* IZZY YOU CAN'T JUST SAY SHIT LIKE THAT *cough*

Izzy(also off screen): ahahaha

Slon: (doesn't get it) haha.... sure?

Mira: (still coughing)

Izzy: sorry, sorry!

(Scene transition to elsewhere in the house. Louie decided to show up ("speak of the devil and he doth appear"), and is looking at some vague photos on one of the Clark's walls.)

Chip, from off screen: Whoah, you showed up!

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