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posted 21st Nov 2022, 6:06 PM

Page 657
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21st Nov 2022, 6:06 PM


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Zesty: (to Jackie) Hey, d'you wanna play with us???

Jackie: (turns to look up at Ivet, as if asking for permission)

Ivet: (smiling encouragingly) Go on, have fun!

(Jackie and the Shadow kids scamper off somewhere else to play together, all very excited and happy :] )

Narration: ELSEWHERE....

(Copycat is seen sleeping-or at least trying to- on the couch in the other room. Izzy pops up from behind it.)

Izzy: Aww, hey big guy!

Copycat: (opens his eyes just to frown and closes them again as Izzy talks)

Izzy: (leaning over couch) I know you've been sad since God left, but you know what might cheer you up? A party! You in?

Copycat: (clenching the pillow he's resting on, defensive) You litchrally* do not know me.


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